The Robinson 's Community Outreach Center Essay

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Here at The Robinson’s Community Outreach Center (RCOC) like to think of our marketing plan as a systematic method to reach our target audience. Our target audience would be communities within the Phoenix Metropolitan area that struggle with low incomes, at-risk youth, and underprivileged populations that are in need of assistance to reduce their day to day challenges. The Robinson’s center is determined to create a system that possess reliable resources to our clients, so they are aware that this organization has formed an atmosphere that truly cares and wants to see them succeed. The guidance the RCOC provides will be used as a tool to help them grow not only as individuals but the community as a whole. Since our target audience is aligned with many of the more developed organizations we are associated with, they participate and are a major role of our marketing strategy. The organizations that are associated in this strategy make sure that they have RCOC pamphlets on display and available to their consumers, being that a good amount of our services is combined with theirs. They also contain flyers of our events and post them around their places of operation to help spread the word about the center. The staff members at RCOC will also have a hand in the marketing plan and will host community meetings twice a month, so we could receive their inputs about the programs we offer and what actions everyone in the community can take to improve the environment. The feedback we…

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