Email Outreach Research Paper

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For most, email outreach isn’t just difficult—it’s embarrassing.

Persuading a blogger, journalist, or influencer is not for the weak. You only have a few seconds to grab the person’s attention.

That’s why crafting an effective outreach email is important. The goal is not to bore the recipient or waste her time. If you do, your pitch will never receive a response.

Here are five reasons why your emails suck and how you can fix these issues:

1. No Introduction
Too many outreach emails miss the mark by not having an introduction. Instead, they go right into a long spiel.

When it comes to an introduction, keep it simple. Greet the person and use his first name.

Research shows an increase in brain activation when we hear (or read) our own
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Provide your name, job title, and the company you represent (if applicable).

The recipient doesn’t need to know exactly what you do or when you do it. It’s irrelevant to the conversation.

A good introduction builds trust. So, make sure you write one.

2. Too Lengthy
Brevity is the cornerstone of effective email outreach. Some influencers receive up to 500 emails per day.

Their schedules are hectic, and they don’t have the time or energy to read a verbose message.

Pitch strong. Pitch fast.
Skip the appetizers and jump right into the main course. Short, straightforward outreach emails have the greatest impact.

Justin McGill, founder of LeadFuze, offers a recommendation:

“Keep it two to four sentences and five sentences at the MOST. Anything beyond four sentences and you’re going to start seeing your response rates decline.”

Below is an actual email I received. It’s too long.

Time is precious. An email should not take more than a minute to read. Be short.

3. No Real Connection
Why should the blogger care?

When you email someone, keep in mind their goals and desires. Your message should offer some type of benefit to the individual.

How will it help them? What will they receive in

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