Danger Of Texting And Driving

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Previously having a cell phone was considered a luxury, but with marketing, its evolution and the services provided to us, has become a basic necessity, since most of the population considers important to stay connected. Nowadays it is presenting an "epidemic" that is talking on the phone and texting while driving a vehicle.
Talking on the phone or texting while driving are two common behaviors that expose serious risks, it increases four times the risk of crash and injury. This research considers that texting while driving is very hazardous by responding the following questions:
1. Is the smartphone the worst enemy of those who drive?
2. Who are most likely to be exposed to the danger of texting while driving?
3. Is it different to talk by
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Whenever we perform any of these activities, we withdraw our eyes from the road.
Who are most likely to be exposed to the danger of texting while driving?
One of the most dangerous and tempting distraction for teen drivers are smartphones. A report by Delthia Ricks Newsday (2013) described how the number of teen 's death has suddenly raised, she explains how texting while driving has become a greater danger than drinking and driving.
When a teen is talking or texting while driving, this adds decades to the lives of young drivers, at least in terms of deterioration of driving ability, the reaction time of young drivers who use cell phones while driving declines to approximately the equivalent levels of those drivers observed that has 70 years old and do not use cell phones while driving.
They are the most exposed to such accidents, since they do not have conscience and responsibility, they take this challenge as something normal, normalizing this behavior and creating it as a pattern of everyday

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