Pros And Cons Of Distracted Driving

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Did you know that texting and driving is more likely to get you in an accident than drinking and driving? Yeah, it turns out it is actually safer for you to drive drunk than for you to text while driving. Did you know cell phones are a physical and mental distraction to drivers? Using one while driving could be dangerous and deadly. A cell phone is not the only thing that can distract a driver, though, smoking, makeup, food, and even the radio can cause a driver to take his eyes off the road. Basically any activity that takes a person’s attention from driving is a distraction. The results from this action can range from minor to major consequences. Unfortunately fatalities have been one of the major consequences of this action and the trends of these fatalities have …show more content…
Unfortunately some people are addicted to them and they don’t know when to stop using them. They use them while walking, running, and even while driving. Cell phones are a major distraction to drivers. Using them while driving is dangerous and can result in deadly consequences. Over the years trends in distracted driving fatalities have risen and they will keep rising if we don’t put a stop to it. Here are some tips that can help prevent distracted driving.
1. Turn your phone off or silence it and get it out of sight.
2. Use Apps that block texting and encourage people to not use their phones while driving.
Live2Txt blocks incoming texts and calls while driving. It also alerts the sender that you are unable to respond at the moment. Safe drive is an app that rewards you for not texting while driving with points that you can use for discounts at participating stores.
3. Raise awareness of distracted driving. As technology improves and people become more dependent on it, we will most likely be seeing more and more of these cases. By raising awareness of this dangerous act, we might be able to prevent people from committing it and save

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