The Rise Of Conservatism During The 1900 ' S Essay

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Final Essay

During the 1900’s, conservatism in America was the beginning of a new era. It was a time for conservatives to support religions, such as Christianity, support anti-communism, along with capitalism and free market. However, it was a time to re invent the country, in a way. The republican party began to rise. The movement was based in the Republican Party, although some Democrats were also important figures early in the movement 's history. The United States was at war as the decade began, all within the confines of a great depression that was affecting the lives of all Americans, but when Pearl Harbor was attacked, the United States could no longer be on the sidelines, they had to retaliate. While America was at war, there were other economic issues, such as abortion rights, homosexuality, foreign policy, death penalty, and taxation. Throughout my essay I will be referring to five documents, to discuss conservatism in America from 1945-2000, based off the text book, The Rise of Conservatism in America, 1945-2000: A Brief History with Documents, written by Ronald Story, and Bruce Laurie. During the conservatism era, there was still an issue of race. There were issues between whites and negroes in the south. White southerners, were largely concerned with race, and although many Republicans, including conservatives, disliked indulging to the southern racism by endorsing states rights. In some parts of the south, the white community prevails on any issue on which…

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