Why Do Juveniles Deserve Mandatory Life Sentences

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Juveniles and Life Sentences Do juveniles deserve mandatory life in prison for their crimes or should they have the opportunity to receive a second chance? In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life sentences for any crime are now illegal to give to juveniles meaning that juveniles are no longer allowed to serve mandatory life sentences in prison. This ruling is agreeable because juveniles are not fully developed, and it is unfair for juveniles to serve mandatory life sentences. Juveniles do not deserve life sentences because the teenage brain is not fully developed. Author Paul Thompson of Startling Finds on Teenage Brains makes a statement on the teenage brain. He states, “The biggest surprise in recent teen-brain research is the finding of massive loss of brain tissue occurs in the teen years” (Thompson). As teens lose brain tissue, they are also losing Grey Matter which controls our …show more content…
Author of Kids are Kids-Until They Commit Crimes Marjie Lundstrom writes, “Today we are witnesses to criminal defendants-facing life sentences without parole-who cannot shave, still play with firetrucks and love to act out scenes from television or video games” (Lundstrom). Juveniles who are so young are being sentenced to life in prison. These juveniles are so young and deserve the opportunity to live their life how they want to and not behind bars for the rest of their life. In the documentary 15 To Life by Nadine Pequenza it is stated that, “60% of juveniles that are sentenced to life in prison without parole are first time offenders” (Pequenza). These juveniles deserve a second chance at life. It is cruel, unfair, and unusual punishment to basically stop their life at such a young age. Juveniles should not be sentenced to mandatory life without parole bevause it is not fair to them as well as it is not right to do

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