The Rights Of Pregnant Women Essay

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One of the red-hot topics and issues within the bioethical community is the practice of legalized abortion. Within US Federal law has protected a woman 's right to choose an abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court 's Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.
Norma McCorvey, a resident of Texas sought an abortion from her doctor, but was denied as she was in conflict with the Texas law that was in place to ensure the safety and well-being of pregnant women, as well as the potential of human life. McCorvey filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that her being denied the procedure of abortion was violating her constitutional right to privacy. The supreme court upheld her decision. However, having done so the court acknowledged that the rights of pregnant women may conflict with the rights of the state to protect potential human life, resulting the court’s defining rights of both State and individual by splitting up the pregnancy into three 12 week trimesters. (Reuters, 2016) The controversy ensued because the court claimed that a fetus was not person, therefore did not have any rights and was not under the protection of the constitution.
The dilemma at the very heart of the abortion controversy is the classifying of what constitutes human life, or rather what and when needs to happen for ‘life’ (individual) to come into being. The debate would not even exist if these lines were clearly marked and boundaries of life and existence completely understood. As there is no consensus on what…

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