Imagery In The Mother, By Gwendolyn Brooks

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Being a mother usually brings happiness, wonderful memories, and love. However, in Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem “The Mother” (568) does not bring happiness or good memories, but love in return. Imagery is used throughout the poem and gives it a visual aspect of the true meaning within. Some people disagree with women aborting their unborn children and that they do not love or care for the babies. Abortion is a matter of the mother and an unborn child, and the reasons for which they believe is right for their child. The story starts off with abortions and how they “will not let you forget” (Gwendolyn Brooks 568)1. Abortions can have many different effects on a Mother. Also, even though some Mother’s decide to not bring their child into this …show more content…
The Mother who abortion her recent unborn child began to remember what it looked like on that day it happened and what his/her life could have been if she let it be born. When the Mother finished the procedure saw “damp small pulps with a little or with no hair” (Gwendolyn Brooks 568)3. This child was probably around two months into pregnancy when its life was took away. She began to think of the memories that they could have had together. Most babies suck their thumbs for a few months but her baby “will never wind up the sucking-thumb” (Gwendolyn Brooks 568)7. When Mother’s decide to do abortions, they sometimes do not mean to be deliberate. For example, this Mother said ““if I stole your births and your names, your straight baby tears and your games, your stilted or lovely loves, your tumults, your marriages, aches, and your deaths….believe that even in my deliberateness I was not deliberate” (Gwendolyn Brooks 568)17-19, 21. She made the decision to abort her child in the fact that she thought that would be on the only right decision for them. Living life in a world can be hard and she might have known that life would have been extremely hard on the child if him/ or her came into the world not …show more content…
Mother’s do not take their children out of this world and not have sympathy afterwards or regret. This Mother aborted her unborn child after many other abortions, but began remembering the child and what could have been life, and realizes even though it was unborn, it was a body. Every day some women gets pregnant, and it is their decision whether or not they think it is best if their child came into this world or not. It may be a tough decision, but it is between the mother and child not the rest of the

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