The Relationship Between Work And Its Social Environment Essay

2355 Words Nov 9th, 2016 10 Pages
Nowadays, people skills have made an essential impact in workplace, and it can yield many important organizational outcomes. Therefore, studying organizational behaviors will help people understand the relationship between work and its social environment. According to the textbook, organizational behavior is defined as “the study of what people do in an organization and how their behaviors affect the organization’s performance” (3). Since organizational behaviors is concerned with employment related issue such as jobs, employment turnover rates, productivity, work, and management, specifically, management plays an essential role in an organization. Managers have numbers of important roles within firm’s evolution and grow because they act as leaders, negotiators, and communicators. Applying organizational behavior to workplace could enhance the relationship between managers and employees. I have conduct an interview with Daniel Almendarez, a middle level tax manager in RSM. RSM is a multi-national accounting firms in the world, and the company provides audit, tax, and consulting service to businesses. I will be covering all relevant organizational behavior issues, and get specific examples of how Manger Almendarez implement OB in his company. The following topics that I interviewed are related to: personality, motivation, stress, decision-making, team dynamics, team building, communication, power, conflict and negotiation, and leadership.


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