Explain The Ten Commandments Of Effective Communication

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Hari Dahal
10 Commandments of Effective Communication

1. Choose a non-distracting environment.
These days, everyone has a smart phone. People seem distracted because of immediate and quick entertainment made possible by the use of phones, computers, and TVs. So, choosing a non-distracting environment is important while communicating no matter what the objective of a conversation is.

2. Keep listeners interested, and pay attention while listening.
It is important to know that the listeners are actually listening and understanding what you are trying to convey. During conversation people may not be paying attention because of immediate distraction. They could be constantly looking at their phones. So, it is important to keep the listeners attentive.
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Prefer hand-written communication during holidays.
Traditionally, people write thank you notes and well-wishes during holidays. Now we can do the same task in various ways including electronic. Technology has shaped our communication in a such a way that hand-written notes are rare. Thus, expressing such wishes during holidays using hand-written notes can mean a lot to the recipient and overall communication can be deemed effective.

6. Prioritize face-to-face communication.
There are various benefits of face-to-face communication. For an instance, instead of sending a text or emailing boss to ask for leave or raise, meeting face-to-face would show importance. While inviting someone, meeting face-to-face is important too. Phone call is better than a text, but always prefer face-to-face communication for formal or intimate purposes to establish an effective communication

7. Choose appropriate means to invite or announce.
To invite or announce something to one person, it is usually not a hassle and can be proved effective if done face-to-face or give a phone call. However, to reach more than one person sending out a group email with appropriate details can be effective, especially at a workplace. However, to invite or announce to people for certain occasion, sending out postal mails can be more meaningful than tagging them via social media

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