Technology And Communication Analysis

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“Communication is the process of sharing information, ideas and knowledge between people” (Cenere, Gill, Lawson & Lewis 2015, p.51).It has always been a major factor in delivering information. However, in the twenty-first century, the way we communicate has been changed. In this fast paced world the technology has grown more dominant.The gadgets and gizmos which we used are more users friendly and forward. People started using it as technology has made the world a smaller place to live. It has broken down distance and cost to make people more connected. The top revolution of technology is Internet. Businesses today use conference calls and emails to communication which has made a huge impact on communication. It is a challenge to know your partner without face to face communication and has been regret for some business. However, with so many workers worldwide it has become a necessity for the business to use technology to communicate.

One of the technologies which have a huge impact on communication in today’s life is mobile phones. Modern day people have a lot of work and at the same time responsibility of the home .It has become a challenge to complete multiples roles every day to live a meaningful life. Mobile technology has brought a balance for modern day people. “Fast and prompt
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In today’s business it is used for persuading and informing others This is what drives the business communication today. Persuasion and motivation is one of the various objectives related to the business communication(Cornelissen, 2014). In business, communication is mainly focused on persuading the people towards the products that are being produced and provided to the consumers. Such communications in business have one single objective i.e. providing the information related to the products that they are providing to the people in

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