The Reform Of The United States Essay

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Dylan Momplaisir Wednesday, November 25, 2015

APUSH Broadside Theory

Our nation is dealing with tumultuous times; our people are losing their farms and homes and our government is unable to pay back its bills. Congress’ inability to properly govern threatens us domestically and internationally. If we are unable to fix this, we possibly could divide into thirteen small republics or have a state of rebellion similar to the recent crisis in Massachusetts. In an attempt to fix the government, we sent delegates from every state to Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation. However, radical delegates quickly ignored the original intent of the conference, usurped the Articles of Confederation and replaced it with a Constitution which does away with the freedoms we fought for only a decade ago. We must not ratify the Constitution as it violates our personal liberties, and creates a government which serves the interest of the rich and powerful. It also removes power from the states centralizing it into an institution distant from the people. Subsequently, the Federalists may claim this document is a bundle of compromises but I will not compromise my freedom. The lack of a Bill of Rights, and the inclusion of the “necessary and proper” clause in the Constitution grants the federal government leeway to infringe on our personal liberties. The restrictions on the government towards removing writ of habeas corpus, etc. are simply not enough to…

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