Why Was The Articles Of Confederation A Critical Period

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Life in early America was a period of experimentation. With the Revolution over, colonies began drafting their state constitutions, and America worked on the Articles of Confederation. This new country was eager to construct a smooth- running government, but the poorly constructed document only led to problems. Due to a lack of national powers, which ultimately led to an uprising and other difficulties, it was only a matter of time before the United States would need to make corrections to the government. This “Critical Period” eventually proved that America needed to repair their government and create a brand-new constitution. To say that this moment was a critical time in American history is true. The United States began to work on their new government even before the Revolution was over. Nevertheless, a government document would be created to run America as soon as the war ended. Why was this a “Critical Period?” To put it simply, its purpose was to unite the country under a new power that did not have the same flaws that Great Britain had while they governed its colonies.
In the process of creating a new legal document that countered Parliament, America actually created a few problems of its own. From Gordon S. Woods’s essay, the Articles of Confederation was seen as a weak document. Its weakness in part comes from the idea that the Colonists
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However, it looked more suitable than what they had under England. Nevertheless, these people realized that something needed repaired. Also, Shays’ Rebellion opened the eyes of the government that it was time for an adjustment. Finally, that only an innovative government could solve the problems of America. With that in mind, the Constitution replaced the Articles, and a sturdier national government fixed the problem. Consequently, it was a “Critical Period” for America and with the rectifications made; the United States still exists over 200 years

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