The Reflection Of The College Experience I Imagined And Reality Of College

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Coll 101 Reflection The college experience I imagined and the reality of college were two very different things. For starters, I never imagined college to be so relaxed. A clear majority of my professors were unexpectedly lenient and seemed much less tense than any of my high school teachers. Academically, I was expecting to be challenged. In actuality, it was quite undemanding. I had an unprecedented amount of free time and could game daily. Socially, there was no way college could’ve been worse than high school. Having moved to North Jersey two years ago, I found myself without essentially any friends for years. The height of my expectations was merely to find a single person I liked. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as disappoints go, I was only disappointed in my commute. I underestimated how much driving 30 minutes there and back would tire me out. I realized at some point through the semester that my study habits were in dire need of work. I still haven’t developed a study habit and I imagine that’ll be detrimental to my grades in a year or two. Stress management skills are still nonexistent. I still handle stress by simply holding everything in the depths of my soul and keeping it all locked up. Frankly, I hadn’t heard of the MBTI until I took the course. My career goals still haven’t wavered. Growing up my objectives were volatile, and it seemed as if I wanted to pursue a different career every other week. Now, my goals are resolute and I’m determined to obtain…

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