My Leadership Memorandum: My Vision Of Leadership

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This memorandum describes my vision of leadership. Leadership starts with looking yourself in the mirror for the reflection of what others see and understand when you are leading them. A leader is not only the one who makes people follow him, a leader will understand his people, will care for their well being, will mentor and correct mistakes at the beginning so a punishment is not necessary at the end. A good leader is that person that everyone wants to be when they grew up. A leader not only leads a unit when at work, he leads his family at home, he influences everyone, everywhere, anytime.
Throughout my career I have encountered good and bad leadership influences, although most have been good, the bad influences create the longer memories.
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It’s not enough that I’m convinced of that meaning, I have to be able to transfer that believe to others. I will look forward into the near future and will try to find the opportunities that we may create today for those relieving us.
To improve my behavior in taking risks, I’m planning on focus in innovative ways of doing the job, will look at it from different angles, applying methods as the ORM model, combined with common sense and experience I should be able to challenge more while taking more risks. I have to become comfortable with the idea that failure may happen. I’ll create a team climate where our people are willing to take risks and learn from mistakes.
To improve my behavior in supporting decisions that others make on their own, especially those decisions that make impact the operational readiness or the healthy climate environment of our unit, I will become very knowledgeable of the critical thinking steps, I’ll apply this knowledge before making a decision, I’ll continue seeking assistance from the Chief mess but also will have more trust on others, I have to create a safe environment in which others can learn from their failures as well as their successes, a no blaming environment as long as the goal was to find a better
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I firmly believe in listening to my people, where being patient and putting myself in their shoe will help me to understand them and to make better decisions. I rather help someone when a problem is starting to evolve than punish him for the making the wrong decision, for that I have to get to know my people and their family. I believe that family comes first, then everything else, and put great efforts for my people to believe it too. I treat my crew with the same respect as I like to be treated, and although I’m not afraid of punish someone for a mistake committed on purpose, I rather think it was an honest mistake and find the ways to train and keep in check this person so no more mistakes are made. Some may call it softness, I rather lead with the presence not with the hammer, always thinking that all people desire to be and do well and mistakes just happen, are not

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