The Recruiting And Retention Nco Essay

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The Recruiting & Retention NCO
The generation of young adults and technology is rapidly changing, therefore; learning new ways to communicate, connect, and understand the general public can be challenging for a RRNCO (Recruiting and Retention Non-Commissioned Officer). It is imperative that all RRNCO are fully aware of their roles and can implement all the key functions to achieve success. During the Non-Career Recruiting Professional Development Course, the roles of the RRNCO are outlined as: selling a lifestyle to qualified or non-qualified individuals, conducting area canvas and telephone prospecting to find leads and referrals, pre-qualifying leads and referrals, conducting interviews and presentations, etc. (NGR 601-1, para 2-18 (a) (b)). Knowing the demographics in your assigned area is also an essential component to knowing your customers and what features the Army National Guard has to offer that will fit their needs.
The total population in Cobb County is estimated to be 717, 190. Of that total, 64% are Caucasian, 27% African American, 0.5% American Indian, 5.3% Asian, .1% Hawaiian (Other Islanders), 2.4% are two or more races, and 12.8% Hispanic or Latino. The unemployment rate in Cobb County for 2016 is 5% compared to 12% in 2015. The top three companies with the largest employers in the Cobb County area are, Cobb County School System employing a total of 20,133, Well-Star Medical Group employing a total of 9,142, and Lockheed Martin…

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