Essay on The Reasons Why People Learn

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Learning is important to everyone. People learning from everywhere and every moment. There are many reasons why people learn. My purpose of learning is to live a better life in the future.
I was not a good learner when I went to high school because I have no goals for the future and had no motivation that I would just study. However, when I entrance into the college, I have motivation to why I have to study. I have conviction in what I want to after graduate the college. Consequently, I think the reasons I have a learning attitude is that in order to advance in society. I considered that I need for acquire better knowledge and degrees before going into society. I was able to learn effectively in last semester what I took the major course. My goal was make a good grade in this course because this course was a pretty important course to me. This course needs to deeply understand all materials not just memorized. Usually I am better at memorizing instead of understanding and applied problems. However, this course need to understanding and applied the problems. Consequently, I studied these ways. First of all, I try to read every reading assignment before classes and after review every class time. Seconds, I took the notes every class and I asked a friend to borrow her notes either and compared mine. Because English is my second language, so sometimes I missed what the professor says. Third, see the professor in her office hour and ask if I could not understand some material…

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