Ethical Question Of Abortion Essay

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The Question of Abortion

by: Matthew D. Clark


Abortion is a very touchy subject, not just in the field of health and medicine. There have been questions on the topic going around the world as to if it 's safe, if it is morally and politically correct, what about the unborn baby, et cetera, et cetera. Has an answer every been brought to a conclusion? Is there a universal right or wrong as to if this is correct or incorrect?

Well first off, what does the term "abortion" mean? Just what does it mean to have an "abortion?" An abortion is when a the pregnancy of a woman is ended prematurely so that the fetus cannot develop into a full baby and be born to the woman. This is normally done fairly early into the pregnancy. There are 2 commonly known methods of abortions. The most commonly known one is to go to surgical expert and, depending on how far into the
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Whether this is a sound argument remains to be determined ("valid" means the argument makes sense, "sound" means it is correct). The ethical question has similarities to other ethical questions in medicine, such as if human testing, even if agreed to, is wrong or not, or if an organ or cells are still the property of the donor even after the donation, or even if they are simply taken and no longer part of the body(5). To look back and once again ask the question, there are several pros and cons to the practice of abortion. Among the pros, sometimes life can be harsh and an abortion may end up being the only option to avoid juggling several different responsibilties. If a mother cannot care for a child, then it may also be better for the fetus to not have to be born into and grow up in an unhealthy evironment. Among the cons, abortion appears to be a terriful act, denying life to an individual. It also carries several health issues, or even death, for the pregnant

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