The Qualities I Possess That Will Aid Me Essay

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The qualities I possess that will aid me in becoming effective in helping others are openness, acceptance, compassion, willingness, kindness, respect, positivity, optimism, objectivity, an ability to not take things personal, a commitment to be of service, and an overall healthy belief in human beings and our capability to reach for our potential.
Character traits I can offer the helping profession are, an openness and transparency I have developed because of my life experiences. This openness helps me to collaborate and cooperate well with others in decision making processes. Acceptance assists me in my attempts to accept others as they are, and of our differences, especially with regards to conflicting belief systems. Remaining compassionate assists me to have a genuine concern for the sufferings and/or misfortunes of others. My willingness to help others compels me to become competent in counseling others on how to make difficult changes within their lives. Remaining kind, friendly, and considerate towards others will aid me in becoming an approachable counselor, and someone whom is genuinely attempting to help people. Respecting others for who they are, also aids me in my efforts to be an approachable person. Respecting my mind, body, and spirit improves my attempts to lead by example, so clients have a role model to look towards for guidance and direction. Essentially, the reverence I maintain of myself, supports my efforts to be a role model for others to follow. I am…

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