The Pros And Cons Of Social Network

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Social networks have without a doubt, created a world without borders. Some years ago people talked about the possibility of having them and now we live immersed in computer technology. Everyday new social media networks are being used around the world, which create opportunities to connect everybody no matter the place or time. Society spends a lot of time next to a screen and a keyboard that from any device we move into unknown worlds to talk with individuals from other cultures, races and religions. Not only do we discuss and chat with people, we also do it through blogs when we write about our experiences, through social networks such as Facebook (to express moods), shared topics of interest for Twitter or recorded video from our experiences …show more content…
Twitter is a flexible media platform with a simple structure. It connects people, but is also useful for businesses. Twitter allows users (individual or companies) to send and receive massages with a maximum of 140 characters (Cain Miller, 2009). There are several ways to do this network marketing, but it’s one of the most used, the speed of the medium and the brevity of their messages, is to announce offers and last minute discounts of products or services. Answers questions and complains is another way to optimize the service, many conglomerates are using this tool. Is very important to respond promptly to all complains, questions and suggestions, although some way fell uncomfortable. Companies of all sizes advertising their products in twitter answering questions (Cain Miller, 2009). The different between Facebook and twitter is that in the former, they are the relationships that count as the latter to be a platform on which users are the ones who decide what information they want to share, it 's a social network that sets new trends in the global information. Definitely, Twitter is a great option for communication and promotional tool for

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