Social Technology Deep Dive Case Study

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Social Technology Deep Dive: Twitter
Problem Statement
How much do you think was spent on advertising in 2012? The figure below will provide some answers: Figure 1. US Total Media Ad Spending by Media, 2011-2017. This figure illustrates the amount spent on advertisements in the US from 2011-2017.
As we can see from the figure above, US advertisers spend $165 Billion on advertising in 2012. Notice a majority ($66.4 Billion) was spent on TV advertising. The average length of a TV announcement is 30 seconds. How effective are these advertisements if the average attention span of an American is 8 seconds (the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds)(Weinreich, Obendorf, Herder, & Mayer, 2008). This means that the average American loses
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This idea failed due to announcement by Apple to introduce their podcasting platform which would be integrated with their iTunes software. Twitter (or Twttr as it was first called) was internally designed as a system where you could send a text to one number and it would be broadcasted out to all of your friends (Carlson, 2011). Once you create an account on the website, you must “follow” other members to see their tweets and vice versa. Some members on Twitter include celebrities such as Taylor Swift, airlines such as Air Canada, and even Police services such as Windsor Police. These users all have different intentions with using Twitter. For example, Air Canada uses Twitter to announce special deals(AC Flight Offers | Twitter, 2014), and to provide customer service to those who are sick of dealing with phone in customer service, and find it easier to send a tweet than to sit on hold for a while. These tweets are known to receive an almost instant reply during business hours. This shows how much these companies care about their consumers, as they have found an innovative way to deliver customer service. Twitter rose in popularity as a quick and easy way to share what is on your mind, to share an opinion, or even just to say hi to your favorite celebrity. Take for example the amount …show more content…
This causes an ethical concern because the reader of the tweets is unaware of the true interests of the tweeter, or the intention of the tweet, either a paid promotion, or an honest endorsement. For example, some celebrities tweet advertisements for cosmetics. Often times, it will include the hashtag (#ad) to indicate that it is a paid advertisement. Other times if it is not indicated, a reader of the tweet, may infer this advertisement to be a clear endorsement by the celebrity, not as a paid

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