Descriptive Essay On Facebook

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Facebook was becoming less popular as I entered high school and all my friends were joining Twitter, but I was hesitant to create an account. I did not really post on Facebook so Twitter did not seem like a site that I would use, but after some peer pressure I finally made an account. As soon as I clicked on the “create account” button on Twitter, I knew what I was going to use Twitter for: showing others how I wanted to be perceived. Twitter is my main social media tool and it is the app that I most frequently use. I am on most of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as well, but Twitter is the site that others can see the most of who I am, or at least who I want them to think I am.
I created my Twitter
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I do not have many pictures taken of me, and I am hesitant to post anything that I can be judged on later. I have only posted two pictures on Twitter, and they were both replying to someone else’s tweets. Neither of them are pictures of me, rather they are screenshots of sports related things. If a person went to my profile, they would have little idea of what I look like especially since you cannot see my entire face from my profile picture and there are no pictures to scroll through that I tweeted of myself. However, they would get the impression that I am into sports and I follow certain teams based on my pictures and top …show more content…
I clearly have accepted who I am at this point, mostly because I am proud of who I have become. That had to do with what was going on around me in high school. The summer going into my junior year was the turning point in my life where I found who I was, and Twitter contributed to that finding. On Twitter, I was retweeting accounts that I cared about and was not worried if my followers would not want to see it on their timelines, because at that point, I did not care who followed me anymore. I no longer wanted to be a “cool” kid, as the people that I wanted to be like started losing themselves to drugs, alcohol, and things of that nature. I did eventually found my group of friends and was no longer trying to impress any certain group of people so I did not have to care about what others saw my profile as anymore. I wanted to share with my friends that passion that I had for my sports teams and things I found

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