Twitter Inc.: Case Study: Twitter, Inc.

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When Twitter, Inc. first began they had many strengths, they are still one of the newer social media platforms relative to their competitors such as Facebook. In the first few years they were growing at a rate of 1,000% year over year. Many of the consumers of the Twitter platform appreciated the site for the simplicity and cleanliness of the interface and messages. The micro blogs made it easy for users to blurt out the short random thoughts that many people have but did not share. However, soon the popularity of the company revealed the severe weaknesses of the company. With more than three CEO’s in its short lifetime the leadership was a glaring weakness. The problem presented is that each of these CEO’s believed their innovations would …show more content…
The first implemented soon after switching leadership was called Moments. Originally named Project Lightening, Moments were supposed to attract users who did not want to go through the intricacies of the website and did not follow anyone in particular. The most popular stories were showcased in this section of Twitter. The failure of this strategy might have come from the fact that most applications already have this capability like Snapchat and do it very well. In order to attract users that do not already use the platform, Twitter needs to provide a feature that users cannot already get from the platforms they currently use. In addition, Twitter is used for posting opinions and messages not videos alone like Snapchat. Dorsey, the new CEO, also decided to cut 8% of the workforce within Twitter, mostly from engineering. Companies usually cut jobs when they have too many costs and need to become profitable again. (Hayes). However, for internet companies, profitability and power usually arises from the increase of users. The best way to increase users is to increase the number of innovative ideas involved with the platform. This would mean producing more ideas and retaining the people within your company. Twitter needed to focus on growth and the cut of the workforce is the antithesis of this goal. In addition, the layoffs would ultimately cut down the number of …show more content…
In turn, Twitter could possibly provide more data about geographic regions and events that people are swarming to giving these giants more information about what demographic they should target and how. As mentioned by Michael, applications could also become seamless with augmented reality. Twitter could also partner with someone like Google who has already managed to seamlessly connect email with calendars, notifications and more. For the example of the concert above, if the concert goer realizes they want to move to the other enticing artist soon they could add a reminder to shift to the next stage to their Google calendar or even the Made in America festival application that already offers a list of the

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