Self-Protection And Gun Control

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Self - protection and gun control are still a big topic of discussion. There are those who are against self-protection and want strict laws set for gun usage and there are others who don’t want to have strict restrictions for guns and who are for self-protection or their rights to bear arms. Without researching the topic, I would believe it could be beneficial to carry a concealed weapon around in case someone was in trouble. I could also see it being a terrible mistake if it got into the wrong hands, too. Therefore, I will research if carrying concealed weapons such as guns, or if gun control would be a good or bad option for the U.S.
First, to put it simply carrying concealed weapons could help save somebodies life. In Gius article he uses
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Other countries granting that right in the past have amended their constitutions to make gun ownership a privilege (not a right), which requires permission from a licensing authority (the State), as with a driver’s license, for the sake of better public safety and security (Elkins, 2012)” (Lemieux 76). If we compare the rates of gun related homicide in the U.S who has little to no firm laws on guns to Japan who has strict laws on gun handling, it seems that it would be better if the U.S set strict laws for guns but, the people seem to disagree with this concept. In La Valle journal, he talks about the gun polls that were taken after the Sandy Hook incident. It is said that “the public support for stricter gun control has risen…and that there is little support for outright bans of any specific type of weapon such as handguns or “assault weapons” (Washington, 2012).” (2). Some of the polls outcomes from Gallup public opinion polls were that the public prefers stricter enforcement of existing gun laws over the enactment of new ones 47% to 46%, most do not favor an assault weapons ban 51% to 44%, and they do not favor a ban of handguns for all but law enforcements 74% to 24%.. they also favor closing the gun-show loophole 92% to 7% and finally they favor a ban on “feeding devices” (magazines) capable of holding more than 10 rounds of …show more content…
“These results suggest that, even after controlling for unobservable state and year fixed effects, limiting the ability to carry concealed weapons may cause murder rates to increase.” (Gius 267). The right to bear arms law holds the U.S back from locking down strict laws for carrying guns or monitoring who owns guns. Many people wouldn’t like totally banning of guns but would like to mend the gaps in the right to carry guns’ law and would like to have guns who holds no more than 10 rounds. It would be beneficial to have stricter laws on who carries guns but again it would only help the U.S. in a minor way. Conclusion agree to

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