The Benefits Of Legalization Of Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage, or to be more politically correct, same-sex marriage, has been the debate of the century. Now to me, this particular situation has been stretched to its limit. No one has the right to say how an individual lives their life. The previous laws that were being followed and argued over were made a couple hundred years ago. Times have changed, and relationships are no longer the same. Although the original laws were based on particular religion, now many more beliefs are widely accepted and it is illogical to continue basing laws off of one religion. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling which legalized same-sex marriage is supported by the fact that being gay is not a choice, no individual has the right to tell another individual who they can marry, and there is statistical evidence that same-sex marriage is beneficial for the economy.
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An article written for The Huffington Post Business stated eight reasons why same-sex marriage benefited the economy. One of the simplest reasons being that, more marriages means more money being spent for the weddings. Weddings would bring in an estimated $166 million in three years for Maine, Maryland, and Washington’s economy. Same-sex marriages would have a small net benefit to the national budget’s bottom line. It would boost tax revenues. For example, many individual states such as New York, California, and Massachusetts either would or have shown a boost in their struggling state economy. Massachusetts had the least change, of $111 million over the first five years. California would have a change of $123 million in approximately three years. While New York had the highest change, of $259 million within the first year. Many businesses favor same-sex marriages because they allows for minimal payroll headaches, recruit and hire top applicants and reduce visa issues as well

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