Same Sex Marriage Nationwide Controversy

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“You can’t help who you fall in love with, things just happen.” There has been a debate over time in a few states about whether gays and lesbians should marry, which has led to a nationwide controversy. There are several reasons why people are in support of same sex marriages and are against same sex marriages. The reasons are mainly because individuals who support the cause believe denying same sex marriage is a form of discrimination, the only thing that should matter in marriage is love, and same sex couples should be entitled to marry and be given the same benefits as a male/female couple getting married. They should also be treated no differently than their heterosexual counterparts and should be allowed to marry who they love no matter …show more content…
For example; in elementary school to high school, students or even some teachers would criticize other students because the shoes they wore were not in fashion or they weren’t the ones that just recently came out in style such as Jordan’s, Nikes, Louboutin’s, etc., You would also be judged on what clothes you wore. Although uniform was mandatory, there was always some way that others wore theirs that made their style seem differently or make them seem better than the next person. Other than shoes and clothes students were judged on their personalities. If you acted a certain way or if you didn’t act the way that society taught us was normal then one was criticized for that. I am a strong believer in doing what the heart feels is real. So if someone falls in love with the person of the same sex I do not believe it is anyone’s place to judge or to determine who they can and cannot love. People are criticized not because of the fact that they are gay, but because of the fact that it is not what they are taught. The world is in black and white and gays see things of color and that’s why people are so against them. No one way is better than the other. The only determining factor is our hearts. We have to follow our hearts and our souls and that’s how we determine true love. It’s not what we are taught. We cannot be taught love. We can only feel love.
In conclusion, there are many opinions about same sex marriages, but in my opinion you should be able to express your love for your partner even if you are a homosexual. Love and prosperity is not guaranteed in a heterosexual marriage, but might be guaranteed in a homosexual family and vice versa. No one can be capable of predicting how a family or marriage may turn out to be depending on sexual

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