Essay about Benefits Of Same Sex Marriage

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What are the benefits of same sex marriage?

Providing homosexual couples with the same legal and social reconciliation for their relationships will in know way affect the rights of others. Allowing same sex marriage is about the extended privileges between couples. Dinno and Whitney (2013) indicate that it is absurd if the Government excludes individuals from doing something that another person can; Australia promotes values such as equality, respect and dignity, these are clearly not shown when same sex marriage is discussed.
A wedding day is the most magical day anyone can be apart of; as for same sex couples marriage is a part of their relationship where these individuals can seal the deal. In some cases an individual may be denied to see their partner if they have been admitted to hospital; as they have not legally been recognized (Australian Marriage Equality, 2015). Matrimony rights will ensure a couple no discrimination.
Pimental (2016) state that there is potentially a positive for same sex marriage on the health care system. For families that encourages monogamy and fidelity in a homosexual relationship there would be a decrease of HIV. Legalizing same sex marriage can quite possibly bring financial gain to the government and help boost out economy.
According to Pimental (2016) marriage licenses create a rather large income for the economy. In July of 2012 Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg announced same sex marriage generated $259 million since the first…

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