Essay On Gun Reform

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Everyday across the United States roughly 89 citizens are killed related to an incorrect use of a firearm (Prevention Institute). There is no clear answer or explanation on how this happens, but we all know it’s gotten out of hand. Society is scared, parents worry about their children at school, couples cannot go to a movie or the mall without slight suspicion. We all want a safe solution, but there is no clear path to reach this goal. There needs to be an equal balance when creating new firearm laws, because the government still needs to cater to the recreational users. There are many different opinions, but I think we need to look a greater sense of gun reform. A national permit-to-purchase, also known as a PTP, would educate citizens further on firearms, also require a more in depth background check. By doing this, I believe the government would gain control of the distribution of …show more content…
Ending the lives of twenty first graders and 6 adults, this was the start of the uproar on gun control. As we fast forward roughly three years to today, the only change we American’s have seen is the abundant amount of lives lost due to an issue that has not been addressed. We need different laws implemented, that is the only positive way to turn this mess around. Congress has the necessary power, but has taken no action. Our president has given Congress many resources and new ideas on gun legislation, but it’s very disappointing to see a significant lack of interest by this division of our federal government. Marking the third year anniversary of the tragedy vice president Joe Biden stated in a tweet: “Since that nightmare, an estimated 555 children have been killed by guns in America. It is shameful that Congress hasn 't acted” (CBSNEWS). Every major government official is on board, this issue turns into a waiting game on correct legislation to pass, to enforce stricter gun

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