The Pros And Cons Of Emergency Medicine

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Within 10 years of joining an academic medical faculty, 5 of every 10 doctors leave, and four leave academic medicine entirely (Schulte). Wow, if only people knew how it is not compatible with family. This specialty is diverse, and adrenaline based, but if you want to have a family, this specialty might not be for you. To become a good emergency medicine physician, a person must know what he or she is getting into by understanding how it is compatible with family, how it is not good with family, and what the pros are for working overtime; this way, next generation physicians can be successful instead of having a total burnout in this field. To be an emergency medicine physician, it would not hurt to know how it actually is good with family. …show more content…
Dr. Duong also knows from experience, “At some work environments, EM physicians are able to work additional shifts to earn more income to meet financial goals for their family” (Duong). Sometimes if you’d like to go on a special trip with your family, it would be beneficial to work extra fill in shifts. Knowing these facts, it might help you decide your specialty in the future. Emergency medicine physicians have a hard job, being rewarded for it is well deserved. Schulte, from the Washington Post writes, “Doctors can “bank” the time they spend doing the often-unappreciated work of mentoring, serving on committees, covering colleagues’ shifts on short notice or deploying in emergencies, and earn credits to use for work or home-related services” (Schulte). Schulte collected this information from Dr. Greg Gilbert, the department assistant head at Stanford. Doctors in this specialty are now working with their hospital to implement this reward system that Stanford has. It is wonderful to work overtime and household services paid for as an extra. Schulte found out, “By rewarding time spent on service work with time-bank credits, more men stepped up to do it, said Jennifer Raymond, a professor of neurobiology and associate dean

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