The Pros And Cons Of Elon Musk

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The Industrial Revolution was an era of monumental change for the world. Before the 18th century, cultures had an agricultural lifestyle with kings, lords and dukes as if from a story. But with the invention of the steam engine, these societies began to transform into nations - nations that competed, helped, and destroyed each other; a new world was emerging. Machinery improved, technologies advanced, and the modern world started to form. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism all began to replace the monarchies of old, as new ideas and philosophies spread like wildfire, with revolutions in their wake. It was a time of change that would push humankind to a new world of knowledge, science, and technology.
One of the most beneficial concepts that
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Though not a scientist, Musk is still a large influence with his company, SpaceX. It's a commercial company who attempt to “Revolutionize Space Technology with the Ultimate Goal of Enabling People to Live on Other Planets” (SpaceX). Of course, interstellar travel is still just a dream, but that hasn't stopped SpaceX from revolutionizing the space exploration industry. One large problem that organizations like NASA face is what to do with a launched rocket. So far, their plan has been to crash them into the oceans (literally millions of dollars down the drain). But, SpaceX has changed that. They introduced the technology that allowed rockets to land safely after launching - a technology that would save millions. No longer will space exploration be restricted by budget to one launch every several years. Now, we can reach new heights, and discover more that our known universe reveals to us at present, and explore space as never before in a fraction of the time it would have. SpaceX have also introduced new rockets designs. Their Falcon 9 rocket has run 5 missions in the last 4 months to the international space station. The Dragon spacecraft is the only rocket today that's able to carry significant amounts of cargo. Their new design, the Falcon Heavy is currently under production but it’s been suggested that it “can lift more than twice the payload of the Delta IV Heavy [closest operational vehicle], at one-third the cost” (SpaceX). It's going to be the world’s most powerful rocket. The advancements that SpaceX has made in rocket technology have served to reduce cost even more and push them towards their goal of interstellar

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