Dealing With Conflict Analysis

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I discovered through this assignment there are many different ways to dealing with conflict. Some of these ways include; collaborating, competing, avoiding, accommodating, and compromising. Everyone has a style which, suites them the best based on their characteristics, emotions, strong suites, how they like to deal with conflict, and past experience when dealing with problems in their life. I have also came to realize there are both positives and negatives to each conflict management style. Collaborating is working together with both sides to reach a positive outcome for both parties. Competing is striving to get what you want in the discussion and ignoring the feelings or voices of others. Avoiding means to pretend like nothing is wrong …show more content…
I know this because when I deal with problems in my life, I like to the fact of knowing both sides are satisfied with the result. I feel the best way in solving a conflict is teamwork even when at the moment the other person may be upset with. For example whenever I get into an argument with my fiancé, I always try to think about her point of view, and where she is coming from in the conflict. I find when we work together to solve a problem, it is solved a lot faster and with both of us happy with what we have to come to agree with. I also know accommodation is my back up because even when I am collaborating with others, I always try not to hurt the other person’s feelings when dealing with any type of conflict. My feelings toward how I deal with conflict are; even though it may take time and energy to collaborate an issue, it saves a lot of time instead of fighting about the issue and not listening to what the other person has to say. Listening to what others have to say will most of the time be a better solution than the one idea you may have had. Keeping others happy lets them know you value their ideas as well as yours. I am happy with how I deal with conflict because most of the time a solution is found and everyone is happy with the result. There is no hard feelings toward one another and it is almost likely to happen again. When conflict does …show more content…
This is why my back up style is accommodating, so whenever I am collaborating with others I am always trying to make everyone happy and use a little bit of both styles to solve a problem. What I like about both of these styles and would like to keep is everyone is working together as a team to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently has possible. I believe the first steps into making some changes is going to be based on everyone’s behaviour and attitude to change, to make the better good happen for the group.
After writing this paper about my conflict management styles, I have become more aware of how I deal with conflict. It has made me realize working together and making everyone feel welcome in the group is the best way to handle conflict. Dealing with conflict as a team creates lots of ideas to make a conflict easier to be solved. Being able to listen to others, makes them feel like they want you on their side when a conflict arise because you are a team player. Even though collaborating take lots of time and energy, it will always be better than leaving the problem

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