High School Sports Essay

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What is most common in High schools nowadays, the excellence in sports, or a stellar GPA? If one were to go to a school anywhere in the United States and ask a teenager what they excel in, the most common response would be basketball, or baseball, or even running. Rarely does one hear anyone say that they excel in mathematics or science or english/ language arts. But if one were to go to a school in Europe and ask the same question, the response would be significantly different. He most likely would not hear any competitive sport as a response, because they do not associate their sports within their educational systems. “There are so many things people [do not] think about when they think of sports.” (Ripley, 75). Such as the sports in Europe, …show more content…
Being able to start sports young allows for the kids to start planning their futures early. “At least 75% of american families with school aged children have at least one child participating in organized sports.” (Merkel, 151). Many young athletes look to their excellence in sports as a way to pay for future expenses. “Only 1 out of 100 high school athletes receive a division one athletic scholarship.” (Merkel, 156). That does not mean that a high school athlete will not receive a division one scholarship for their academics. “Participation in sports should be an enriching experience that supports educational missions.” (Despres, 201). Athletes do not always look at getting into a college for the sport they play. When they do look at colleges for a sport, it typically focuses more towards what they want to major in first. While athletes in high school most typically are being scouted (looked at by college coaches) starting their junior year the athletes that want to make it into an NCAA college have more strict requirements with their athletics. Some of the smallest high schools provide some of the most intelligent as well as athletic students. Which with those standards provides those athletes with a lot more options for college sports opportunities. So by providing athletics in high schools, it allows the students to look into colleges with their sports level of

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