The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Use While Driving

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In 1981, there was a phone that was able to be carried anywhere, but it was large, thick, and heavy. Later in 2001, technologists invented a new mobile phone- small, light, and clamshell - which is easy to carry everywhere and fit in a pocket. Before this new design, there was not a lot of phone use in cars and therefore, not so many accidents. Six years later, the most popular mobile phone is IPhone by Apple. Many people buy those mobiles because they use social media, Bluetooth, the internet, and apps, listen to music, take better photo, or save documents with other technology. Several people become distracted when they receive messages, calls, or notifications while driving, because they pick up the phone to answer it. Using cell phones …show more content…
In the Drive- Safely homepage, author claims, “The solution isn’t creating laws. If we have laws against texting, why don’t we have laws against the hundreds of other forms of driving distractions (radios, eating food, iPods, reading books, yelling at kids in the back seat, using a laptop, smoking cigarettes, drinking beverages, etc.). What we should do is produce new technologies that makes the practice safer for everyone. Blanketed laws only make things worse” (Rogers). Texting or Talking on the phone are distraction, because people mind are thinking of what to say on the text or talk about. They are not pay as good attention to surroundings. People who are eating food, drinking soda, changing radio, and smoking cigarettes while they driving that do not distraction them, because all have to do is eat, listen, and smoke. This will not distract a driver’s attention to the …show more content…
Every year more people die in these accidents; texting while driving is like drinking four beers. In the United States, there are “Over 2,600 automobile deaths are caused by cell phone related distractions” (“The Use of Cell Phones While Driving”). When someone saw their passenger death, he or she might got panic or shock. They can receive the emotional trauma. They might think about not to drive again, not to use the cell phones, or go out somewhere. Some people blame themselves for the accident, because they were the person who sent the message that distracted the driver and caused the accident. For example, a friend sent a message that said “Where U at?” The friend replies by looking down at the phone while driving, and when she puts her head up, she is already off of the road and hits a tree. This is the reason why they blame themselves even though they did not know that she was

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