The Pros And Cons Of Animal Research And Experimentation

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Animal Research and Experimentation Animal research began in the 1900’s and the practice is still in use today. While it is wrong to abuse animals, research must continue to learn more about curing diseases that are fatal to humans. There must be a middle ground to the rules of animal testing that would keep the animal from unnecessary suffering, but would allow the scientist to continue the use of animals to proceed with experiments. There are pros and cons to animal research, but when you are looking at saving human lives, the pros outweigh the cons. If there are no other alternatives to finding a cure for a disease, animals should be used for experimental research. Some people believe that animal testing is cruel and does not help with finding cures for human disease, but there are incidents that show that animal testing may be crucial to life. In 1937, a pharmaceutical company in the USA created a preparation sulfanilamide, using diethylene glycol (DEG) as a solvent (Hajar, 2011). The doctors unknowingly gave this medication to hundreds of patients causing mass deaths of humans. This is not the only incident that has caused deaths because there was no testing before giving medications to humans. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, thalidomide was found to act as a tranquilizer …show more content…
The first set of rules was established by the British Parliament and United States adopted these regulations regarding animal testing (Ferdowsian, Hope, Beck, 2011). The rules that apply are that the animals be treated humanely and they should not be put through any unnecessary pain. Any found animals will be returned to owners if claimed and the laboratory the animals are held in need to be kept sanitary (Young, 1928). These rules were put in place to ease the mind of animal lovers and are followed even

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