The Process Of Abortion

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In the years 1960 through 1962, a total of 876 abortions occurred. The following years, the number continued to grow to a total of 1,608,620 in 1990. Within those thirty years, at least 26,729,883 babies were killed through the process of abortion. That number is not including all the illegal abortions that were performed, and all the abortions done on pregnant women who were possibly going to expect twins. This also means that around 26,729,883 families were told the news that they could not adopt a child (Johnston). I can only imagine the devastated feeling a woman would have when she is told she cannot have a child, then to find out that she could have adopted one of the many babies that were aborted. If I was that woman, my heart would …show more content…
Nicole, age of nineteen, says “When I had the ultrasound, I asked for the picture and a nurse said, ‘Seriously?’ A month later, he said he regretted it too. When I cry about it, I cry alone. He thinks it would make me sad to talk about, but I don’t want our baby to think we forgot.” Nicole is one of the many women who pray that they could undo their abortion (Winter). A few women comment that it was the side effects that made them to regret it. Aborting a child is followed with chronic cramping, bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and possible death. If the abortion is in the later terms, then there is chance for infection to set up and damage to the reproductive system causing the mother to not be able to carry a child ever again (Abortion Health Risks and Side-Effects). An unknown mother wrote, “How can God ever forgive someone like me? He gave me a blessed gift and I just threw it back at him. What kind of a monster am I? I deserve to die. Why did I think this wouldn’t affect me? Why did I think it would be so easy? What’s wrong with me? God, please forgive me and help me.” This is a forty years old response the morning after taking the pile to kill her “sack of potatoes.” When she went in for the abortion, the gynecologist said it would be like killing a sack of potatoes because the forty-year-old …show more content…
When a man or woman kills an innocent human being, he or she gets labeled as a murder and has to serve jail time. Is a mother killing an innocent unborn child protected under the ERA and UVVA, the same thing? To answer that question properly, I will ask another question. At what time can the doctors detect a heartbeat? A heartbeat can be detected at the earliest of eight weeks. Therefore, the mothers getting abortions around fourteen weeks via the “abortion pill,” are literally murdering their child. They have no punishment besides the harmful and possibly permanent side effects of an abortion. Those side effects do not come close to the brutality of jail. I am a firm believer that mothers who end their child’s life through abortion, should have to serve jail time. Not only is she keeping the child from enjoying life, she is also keeping a family who cannot have children, from enjoying the life of that child. So many women are told they cannot have kids. I was raised in an environment where kids are little bundle of joys. It means everything to many women around the world to be able to look at a child and say, “I made you.” For the women out there that cannot enjoy the thought of being able to say that, they can say, “I rescued you.” Those two sayings sound much better than saying, “I hated you before I even saw you.” I believe the women who aborted their baby, would not have had an abortion if they would have known how

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