The Problem With Drinking And Driving Is The Mourning After Essay

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“The problem with drinking and driving is the mourning after.”
Drunk driving can and has destroyed lives. It is a problem in the community of Harris County. Innocent people are killed every day because of the careless mistakes of others. They choose to drink and drive and ultimately others will pay the price.
Drunk Driving. It can tear a family apart in seconds, just like it tried to tear mine apart. Ten years ago, my family’s strength was put to the test when we were hit by a drunk driver on our way home. I was too young to understand what had happened but I remember when he hit our little white two door cars. I could remember the officers at the scene telling each other that there were beer cans all over the front seat. My mother and I were fine but my sister and grandmother were not. The impact was so fierce that the air bag hit and punctured my grandmothers left eye she had also broken six rib bones. My sister who at the time was 4 began to throw up blood. Both my grandmother and sister were transported to the hospital via life flight where my grandmother was rushed into surgery. Eventually my grandmother and sister began to recover and readjust to everyday life. Thankfully that night we were not added to another statistic. I had almost lost my family due the carelessness of another adult. Others may not have had much luck.
When someone sits in the driver’s seat they never know what will happen. They have an unofficial understanding that they need to watch out for each…

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