The Problem Of Student Loans Essay

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The Problem
Now a days if you do not have a college degree you will probably be nothing, probably just a cook at a local McDonalds. Without a degree we can stand to lose more than ever. Since the 1960s college tuition has increased 500%, with that huge difference student loans have gotten so out of hand that in 2012 the one trillion mark of student loans was reached and have also surpassed the debt on credit cards. Which is understandable because how is it possible to go to school and pay forty thousand dollars for just two semesters of classes. That is not even including room and board, textbooks, and student loans that need to be paid off! How is it possible for one to go to their first choice of college without having to worry about student loans. Well it has been said that if individuals do have the access to money in other words being wealthy, that they have a higher possibility of not worrying about any expenses. It is less likely for them to be worrying about student loans. Unlike the rest of us that are total opposites and struggle to catch up with paying for everything we need to actually have an education. They are the students that are not able to go to their first choice and just go with their last choice because of these outrageous tuitions. Many think that college tuition has risen because it is more money for the university to educate the students for example having the most qualified professors for the students, new construction for the university,…

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