Police Brutality Statistics

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Police brutality is a serious problem Americans face today. Police brutality is taken into effect when an officer uses excessive physical contact, verbal attack, or psychological intimidation against a person without a logical reason for doing so. Police officials have been abusing their power and authority by their extortionate use of violence towards people. With civil disobedience continuously happening, there have been an exponentially increasing amount of cases that are lead by police brutality. By statistical research, there have been 2,931 arrest-related killings from the years 2003-2009. In many conflicts, the police are put into a position in which they may have to, or need to, use their force to control the situation encountered …show more content…
Racial profiling is prolific through almost every police force in the nation. The police are quick to arrest and overreact against black males than white males. By statistical research, the incarceration rates disproportionately impact the men of color: 1 in every 15 black men are incarcerated, and in comparison to white males, 1 in every 106 white males are incarcerated. White officers often hold prejudices against African-Americans, and will be quick to pull them over, arrest, or use excessive forces against them. Reporter Ranjana Natarajan disputes racial profiling on the police by her …show more content…
The officers obviously don’t know if the suspect is going to listen or stop when they’ve ordered them to stop. By the suspect’s behavior, they should continue to use their force because they don’t know if the suspect is actually going to obey them. Once the person is taken by the police, they should do what the officer ordered. By statistical research, it shows that the police use force frequently today than in the 1960s. From the words of veteran Los Angeles police officer, Sunil Dutta, reported by Benjamin Freed, “Shut up and take it, because even the slightest bit of intransigence is grounds for the cops to unleash a world of hurt. If you’ve got complaints, shelve them for later, Dutta says.” (Freed 2).
Police Brutality is violence that is overused towards civilians and is racially based. Excessive force and racial profiling are the two most destructive modes that the police use in an unnecessary way. Police brutality is a problem because the police are killing and torturing people, and sometimes they have the wrong person to do that to. Statistics show that there have been many lives have been taken and injured because of this certain problem. Police use their tasers, nightsticks, fists, and guns in a wicked way to beat the

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