Police Brutality In Society

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Policing & Society - Assessment 2

This essay is based on Police brutality, where we will explore specific aspects of its complex and unfortunate nature. The original question to answer, in this essay has since been altered for a better attempt to conduct research, and so the modified question we ask in this essay is “Why does Police brutality occur in the United States of America (U.S) and, is it more common amongst the African American (black) community that live there?.”.

For better understandings we must first define Police brutality, which can be described as the “use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police officers when dealing with civilians” ("What Is Police Brutality?," n.d.). Any force that is considered well beyond necessity whilst handling a situation can be described as “Excessive force”. Such force would look like an officer holding his perpetrator at gunpoint, even when the perpetrator is being cooperative and is unarmed. This force is considered very unnecessary as there are a number of
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Because no officer is the same, one will make judgements or handle disruptive situations different from his or her partner. The type of force used may be due to the personal attitudes, personality traits and previous job experiences that one has had which affects their decision making process upon dealing with citizens. In terms of deadly force however, anything that an officer perceives as a threat, will call for him and/or her to respond with survival instincts, or in this case pulling their firearms out, “deadly force encounter inevitably involves the abrupt perception of a situation as life-threatening, and thereby immediately calling for a defensively lethal response” (Miller, 2015), it is here that we are left with questions as to what and what not is perceived a threat in today 's society and whether these perceptions can justify excessive

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