Police Violence: The Dangers Of Police Brutality

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When a police siren goes off in the neighborhood or city we as a community wonder what’s happening. We try not to get as irritated but at least we’re not the ones in danger. Many officers risk their lives on the daily. Protect and serve was the motto to many officers as some became corrupt and starting doing things under the color of law. There have been many arguments over the use of necessary force and brutal force towards police. Almost every day police face danger while carrying out their responsibilities. When they deal with these dangerous situations they have little time to react properly and can result in death. Force is necessary if given the circumstances.
There are many whereabouts of police brutality everywhere but most people don’t
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These acts of brutality mostly get ignored by dishonest authorities and the abusing officers may be subject to precede their brutal actions again. The majority of abuse happens in corrupt societies that barely could monitor police activity, but thanks to technology our society fights back to record tons of police behavior making any cop invulnerable to the media. In Santa Ana a group of corrupt cops raided a medical dispensary without realizing that they were recorded in a hidden camera, they were shocked because they thought they destroyed all the recorded evidence. The camera was watching their unethical actions and recorded their conversation. The cops destroyed two unlocked doors in the process of entering and caused over a thousand in damages. One cop took an edible and ate it while the other officer was threatening to hurt a disabled person who can’t even walk or see. The officer said “I would have liked to kick her in her fucking knob” But ‘luckily’ for the cops involved, the video was stated to be inappropriate because it was taken without their knowledge and the officers have filed a lawsuit to prevent further police investigators from using this video. Cops can be seen guilty but not be pleaded guilty by …show more content…
These riots make awareness of all the innocent people who died in cold blood for no apparent reason. The majority of cops who killed those innocent people still have their jobs today; and most cops wonder why society gives up on them. Most people are now scared of cops due to their previous abuses. Citizens are not supposed to be scared of our nation’s defenders. The riots people have been in usually ended up with police shutting them down with force. They used toxic gases and batons to force people to leave the riots even though the majority of them did nothing wrong. Most protests and riots were peaceful but the officers decided to use their aggression towards anyone who came up close to them. They formed a parallel perimeter to force the peaceful protestors out by moving forward and if anyone was in their way they had the right to injure or arrest any of them. These protests turn bloody and out of control, but necessary force is needed if the people create dangerous

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