Case Study Of APS ISP: Police Brutality

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APS ISP: Police Brutality

In law class, we learn that the police are there to act as the enforcers of the laws in our criminal code. They are the knights of our current day society, tasked with the job of protecting the citizens within our community and upholding the values of our legal system. We entrust them with the job of looking out for our well being and keeping us safe, and to do this they expect us to listen and obey their instructions knowing that it is for our benefit. To protect the public and uphold the values of our society, it is an officer’s job to find and arrest those who break the law so that they may be put in front of a judge and tried for there crime against society, but sometimes the perpetrator may not be willing to
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The latest set of statistics was taken in 2010, that year 6613 officers in the US were involved in cases of misconduct. Of those 6600 officers, 23.8% were cases of excessive force. That means that almost ¼ or over 1500 officers involved in misconduct accusations were for brutalizing a victim by using excessive force. Just by taking a quick glance at this graph you can see that something is wrong. These officers of the peace are to be protecting us and so many of them are doing the exact opposite of their job and hurting the citizens they took an oath to protect. Of the total 1575 officers involved in excessive force reports, 56.9% were involved in cases of physical abuse including closed fist strikes, throws, choking and baton strikes as well as other physical assaults. The 2010 survey also stated that 14.7% of the police brutality cases were firearm- related. Taser related cases accounted for 10.6% of cases. The other 18% were related to other kinds of excessive force. Another problem within the cover of police brutality is the racism aspect and the fact that police brutality is often has an underlying aspect of discrimination. Where all recently been made aware of the atrocities that have taken place in Ferguson, Missouri. For those who do not know, I am talking about Mike “Michael” Brown. Mr. brown was shot 12 times in the chest on august 9th, 2014. The altercation started when Mike stole a pack of cigarillos from a local convenience store and pushed the clerk, he then took off down the street to escape. Darren Wilson was the responding officer. Mike resisted and struggled until Wilson fired his gun, at which point Mike fled. Wilson followed on foot and for some reason brown turned around. At this point, brown was shot close to 10 times and declared dead on the scene. No reputable witnesses can testify as to whether his hands were raised in surrender or

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