Problem Of Police Brutality

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Policy Brutality
Being a police officer comes with a ton of stress, and it also comes with being in very dangerous situations. Over the last decade, police aggression/abuse has become a serious issue in the United States. The police also has a very strict rules about the use of force and aggression, and those rules should be followed at all times. Unfortunately, police officers have done many cruel things to bring this question upon. Are police officers taking advantage of their authority? The number of shootings, beatings, and other altercations has caused this problem to become very noticeable. The police should be there to protect, and to promote safety and unity to citizens in this world. Police brutality has become a huge problem in this world, and this problem should be resolved as soon as possible.
Police Brutality- How did this problem start?
Police brutality became a problem in the world in 1991. On March 3rd, Rodney King who was a taxi driver during the time, was in a high speed chase with the Los Angeles Police Department brutally beaten with a baton by the police. All of the officers that were involved were charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Rodney King was found dead in his pool on June 17, 2012. After this, the people in Los Angeles began to start riots.
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This can not be done if the police officers and minorities do not come together. Help from police officers and chiefs could change the whole view of police brutality. The officers who are known for being “good” should help speak out on the officers who have been involved with police brutality. Police officers should also encourage people to show them respect and to cooperate with them. They should show that they are trying to protect people and that they are not there to harass people. Officers who use force or aggression when it is not necessary should be punished like any other citizens would be

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