Essay about The Problem Of Gun Control Laws

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As a young African American in the United states, I have witnessed many problems in our society today. The homeless are forced to scrape at the bottom because they cannot find work, The financial market is getting tougher day by day due to rise in inflation rates, and unbalanced government budgets, but one issue I think is hurting us the most is guns in America. I am concerned about being the victim of a random shooting of course we all are . Guns affect every one of us every single day we see them on the news, on police officers, Etc . They can be used to fill us with fear or make us feel protected. but in today 's society guns are a problem more than a solution . Times are nothing like how the founders of the Us had it.that is why I believe using gun control to get rid of the problem isn 't the best solution. Gun control laws that keep firearms off the streets by preventing a purchase, Creates a major problem, Say we stop someone: criminal or not from purchasing a weapon. Later on that person who was planning to purchase a gun can just get it from a middle man who will still sell that gun without checking an individual 's background.

Though I agree that some form of gun control is definitely needed, right now, that should not be our main focus, we have passed the point of reasoning , what we really need to concentrate on is gun licensing as well as gun ownership and safety. Our country was founded on the basis of guns. Wars battled and won , and people were protected.…

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