Essay about The Problem Of Child Care Center

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In order to get all the different prices and variables in our business, we will divide our business into the five different segments. We will have them divided by child care, elementary, intermediate, high school, and college. This will allow the learners that will spend all day at our facility, to the student that will pay by the hour, to use our recreation center, learning lab, or get something to eat.
The child care center will be made up in order to have the learners that are not in school to have an area they can learn and develop together. We will use our advertising and marketing skills to attract the families that are paying higher prices and not receiving the unique services we provide. Each week we will post what will be served in the cafeteria and a list of menu options that parents may choose what their child will be eating.
The elementary center will contain the grades of kindergarten until 3rd grade. This will help the development of the other learners and the older learners will be as mentors to the younger generation of learners. The elementary center will have a.m., p.m., cyber school, and recreation areas. The children will have leagues and tournaments among their age groups in many various sports. The leagues will practice and families will be able to participate in helping their children gain experience as athletes. All the learners that plan on continuing their education through the cyber schooling portion of the program will stay in the same…

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