Foster Care System Case Study

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The foster care system is based on providing care for those who are neglected, abandoned, and orphans. Each year many children are suffering due to many complications in their lives. About 4,000 children are put into the foster care system in Riverside County alone. Additionally, about 1,500 foster kids live in the Coachella Valley. Approximately 65 children are removed their homes each month as a result of abused. Also in most cases, children who are homosexuals in the foster care system suffer some form of abuse. The high rates of abuse in the foster homes should be taken in consideration and investigated for the justice and security of these children. We as a community should ensure a safe place for those children of all ages a place with …show more content…
In order to see if there were other cases where social workers overlooked obvious signs of evidence of abuse. However, it’s still unknown as to who was responsible for allowing the evidence against Yonder’s case in 2015 to be “inconclusive”. Furthermore, if any actions as to prevent future cases to make the same mistake from happening again. Yonder’s case should be an example to show that foster parents should be supervised more often and for social workers to pay close attention to signs of abuse.
The requirements to be a foster parent is to either be single or married. The volunteer has to be over the age of 25 and have no criminal records. Most foster families must have their home inspected and have to complete 12 hours of pre-certification training. Applications also require important documents like driver's license, CPR, and First Aid Certificates. Foster parents are required to treat foster children as their own. They’re required to provide transportation to school, doctor appointments and after
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Originally, only men experienced trauma after a catastrophic wars and physical injuries. However, in the 1960’s the definition included the physical and sexual abuse of women, children, and adolescents. Now, we understand that emotional trauma can be caused from a variety of events. Many young children and teens who are in the foster system have experienced traumatic events in their lives. Due to them being exposed to psychological and physical abuse.
A component of trauma is that the person’s response with fear, helplessness, and horror. Then once a child experiences stress the body's stress response system is activated and produces physiological changes in the body and the brain. Traumatic events can cause stress levels to move past a tolerable level and become toxic. The stress can then lead to physical and mental health problems that can last into their adult years. Many adults try to interact with children in foster care who experienced trauma. However, few adults understand the developmental impact of trauma on young children.

Foster kids here in the Coachella Valley should be promised a safe home and security. Also, Child Services need to make a change on how to respond to obvious evidence against foster parents. The painful side of the foster care system is that children don’t have a voice to cry for help or have anyone who can protect them. Children are being abused and no change has been made throughout the

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