The Power Of Love By Movie I Didn 't Wait For The Movie With My Husband

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The power of love, the struggle, the hurt and the solution in a relationship

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to have a date at the movies with a few friends to watch a love movie. When we got to the movies and walked inside the theater all the seats were taken. There were many people waiting for the movie to start. I was so excited and anxious to see this movie I couldn’t wait for the movie to start because this movie was going to be very interesting. The movie was about things that happen in a relationship in everyday life. This movie was so important to me not only because I was watching the movie with my husband, but because we were facing the same problem in our relationship. When we start in a relationship everything at the beginning is perfect, we enjoy each other’s company and share the love, but once you get marry and have children’s things change. The relationship becomes a routine. The struggles begin; at some time or another almost every healthy relationship suffers a breakdown where one or both parties are ready to walk out the door. In my case it wasn’t only the routine or the kids, my husband started training at the gym and Cross fit 5 days of the week but once he got accepted to compete on a TV show the 5 days of training turned into 7 days of training. At first I was ok, but then things started to get worst because we weren’t spending any time together. We both worked different shifts so by the time I got home he was already sleeping and when it…

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