Close Encounters Movie Review

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50 First Dates hit the movie theater 12 years ago and has since been a hit romantic comedy and has become one of my personal favorites. Re-watching this movie in the perspective and purpose of analyzing the relationship and concepts related to the book, Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships, allowed me to take something new away from a movie I had watched over 50 times. I choose this movie because it takes the process of a typical love story and falling in love into a new perspective.
Lucy, one of the protagonist, has a disability that makes her love life hard and almost impossible. Lucy has short-term memory loss and does not recall anything after the day of her accident. Henry immediately falls in love with her during their first encounter and finds himself constantly making her fall in love with him every day due to
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This theory discusses the concept of the onion model and how there are different level levels of intimacy when it comes to conversation. The first layer is superficial topics, the next layer is a social layer, the last and deepest level of the onion is the core which the very intimate layer. Even though there is not a specific example of this in the movie, I went beyond what was showed. When Lucy wakes up to Henry in her bed she freaks out, and he tries to convince her that they are seeing each other. He begins to state facts about her that are not surface level questions and she screams that he is a “stalker” (Segal & Wing, 2004)! Henry knows Lucy on an intimate level and has “peeled” the layers and reached the core. Lucy must go through the process in a much quicker and condensed way and does not get to fully experience the change in intimacy that usually occurs in an extended period of time. Her disability might make her feel uncomfortable or hesitant to share intimate information with someone who in her mind she has never

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