Falling In Love: The Power Of Speech

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The Power Of Speech
“He told me to do it!” Speech is a very influential factor when persuading someone. Gorgias, a famous sophist thought that all language incorporated a persuasive aspect. Gorgias believed that the truth can be created by rhetoric. According to Gorgias speech is extremely powerful and it can be the cause of destruction.
Encomium Of Helen Gorgias wrote the Encomium of Helen. In the Encomium of Helen Gorgias defended Helen and gave reasons as to why she should not be blamed for starting the Trojan War. According to Gorgias, Helen could have been justified on three bases. Helen could have fallen in love, persuaded by speech, or been moved by a divine constraint.
Falling In Love
According to Gorgias, Helen should not be
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46). This metaphor illustrates the power of speech and how it can overtake the person(s) being persuaded. In essence, this quote suggests that no one is exempt from this power. A drug is a powerful substance. It is something that can be used to constrain individuals. Drugs consequently can become addictive and affect an individual’s judgment when evaluating a situation. When someone takes a drug, it can cause the person to lose control of their actions. In this point of view speech is a powerful factor that if used by the wrong person can do damage. By creating this association it becomes clear that the power of speech is real and can be extremely …show more content…
Not every audience member will take what is said as complete truth. In turn the effectiveness of the persuasion could ultimately fail. I say this because of the advancement in technology. If the listener is not sure what to do in a situation they may look to the internet to find out what others in similar situations have done. Or maybe there needs more convincing because the beliefs that the listener previously had where been embedded. The chances of the orator converting to the listener to change in this situation are slim. Considering this I believe that ethos had a big part in whether or not the audience will be completely receptive to the speaker. Now, I place confidence in that the average person is not trusting of strangers. This mistrust may cause the listener to feel as if they are trying to be tricked into a certain way of thinking. This mistrust could possibly lead to a less effective speech. Audiences today may not be as passive as they were back in Gorgias’s day. Speeches now are not taken for face value because if the creditability of the speaker is in question, the audience will be reluctant to being completely convinced in the

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