The Pharmacy Field Is An Amazing Field Essay

1088 Words Jun 11th, 2015 5 Pages
Dr. Elizabeth Britt Pharm.D., that name has a ring to it does it not? Being a pharmacist has been my dream job for years. Though it took me while to decide what I wanted to do with my life, this was the only profession I have ever considered and I have not changed my mind once. I am currently attending Campbell University to pursue my goal, and am thoroughly excited about finally working towards what I have longed to do…help others. Nothing makes me anymore happier then seeing the look on ones face when I am able to help them, especially when it comes to improving their health. The pharmacy field is an amazing field simply because there are so many different areas you can work in as a pharmacist. The drug store down the street is not the only place. There are retail or chain drug stores, hospitals, cancer centers, nursing homes, veterinarian offices, and many other places where a pharmacist could have a job. I have not quite decided what kind of pharmacist I want to be, but I am leaning toward being somewhere in a hospital whether is be in the inpatient pharmacy, on the floors with the actual patients, or participating in doctors’ rounds. Developing literacy in my chosen discipline of pharmacy will include interacting with patients via face to face, telephone, and written documents ensuring I use such vocabulary patients understand and comprehend the instructions of their medications, reading various medical equipment such as a glucose meter, and finally communication with…

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