Perk Job Benefits

Escamilla 4benefits and perks that come within a job that includes a college education doesn’t come with ajob that okay takes people that have only a high school diploma. A reason on way theemployment benefits and perks are really important are because they come with very good waysthat provide stability for yourself and for your family, especially in the health care case. Theycare called perks and benefits of the job you get, but in all reality they are a vital part in anyone’ssalary because of the work they did to earn a college education. In some of the cases forsomeone having a college education depending on what the career path they take or the job theyearn the benefits can exceed an employee’s take-home pay. But the perks and benefits …show more content…
Many students end up in a job that they didn’t study or go to college for,but it still has them getting a decent paycheck and their degree has them getting a job. The jobopportunities that are available for people are shrinking for people that only have up to a highschool diploma. There is a large number of high school graduates that work in the serviceindustry, those are considered low paying jobs and they don’t really offer much to the people toadvance in that work. Unlike college graduates, they have a skills and are prepared what collegetaught them which qualifies them for anything of employment in the areas that give moreopportunity for mobility. For college graduates it is the best thing to have a post-secondarydegree because it leads to more job security. Those that don’t have a degree, are not as importantor valuable to the workplace than one who does have a degree is. If anything come in the way ifyou don’t have a degree is it much easier for the workplace to replace your spot with someonewho has college education. It is important for the staff of jobs to be educated with collegebecause sometimes companies even pay for tuition. Having a college degree is very important. Itcan be so rewardful not only to the person who obtained it but also to the company which givesyou more and more beneficial to you. College graduates are less likely to be laid off or firedfrom their job because they have experience and paid for their college degree. It is not for sure,or guarantee, but if you have college education you are less likely to get unemployed in thefuture of you jobs. With a college education you will also most likely enjoy your job. Thereshouldn’t be a case where there’s people with a college degree that doesn’t like what they do.Having a degree allows the student to get to choose and pick the career they like the mostbecause they will most likely get hired at the work place they choose. Unlike those who onlyhave a high school

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